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Non-Exclusive Selling

Most marketplaces have low payment rates unless you sell exclusively with them. We believe authors should have the freedom to list their products wherever they please. We offer the same payment rates whether you sell exclusively with us or not.

Fast & Friendly Support

Do you hate waiting for weeks to get your item reviewed? So do we! That’s why we’re committed to reviewing and approving your theme within 48-72 hours in working days.

Simple, fair rates.

Other marketplaces have incredibly complicated tier systems for commission structure. Ours is simple to understand, and fair to authors.

You can earn between 60%-75% per sale depending on your total sales volume. so will your payment rates even upon the release of new items.

Sales over $25K

You earn 65%

Sales over $35K

You earn 70%

Sales over $50K

You earn 75%